Emergency Response & Mitigation: WATER-DAMAGED HARDWOOD FLOORS

ACR is the leader in saving water-damaged hardwood floors. This specialty came from a combination of extensive education in restorative drying science, specialized equipment and decades of experience applying this approach in the field. ACR’s mission is to help our clients reduce loss of use and operational expense. So applying this recovery approach that can save upward of 80% over tear-out and replacement fits our mission perfectly.


ACR has mastered and continues to refine its drying processes, fueled by the most advanced professional education available in the restoration industry, along with insights that come only from field experience. ACR has saved innumerable hardwood floors in more than 31 years. This includes hardwood sports floors for our clients in schools, colleges and universities, park districts and recreational organizations and they’ve come to know the financial and operational advantages of ACR’s restorative drying.

Every Hardwood Floor is Unique: Challenges & Solutions


Restoring water-damaged hardwood floors involves challenges needing solutions. Each and every floor recovery has its own set of circumstances due to subfloor construction, moisture content and intrusion path, floor age, previous water intrusions...and solving these challenges is where ACR shines brightest. The ability to create a customized solution to your loss is well-supported by ACR’s vast experience in drying hardwood floors.


Our goal is to inform you about the option of restorative drying, as an alternative to tear-out and replacement. While there is no question that in some cases, the extent of the damage exceeds the “restoration threshold,” requiring full replacement, a surprisingly high number of water-damaged floors can instead be saved.



Innovation in Restoration - Recognized by Our Peers


ACR's dedication to developing techniques and strategies to reduce loss of use and expense was recognized by being selected winner of the 2014 RIA Phoenix Award,  open to restoration companies worldwide.


Our approach to hardwood floor recovery saves upward of 80% of the cost to tear out and replace the floor as well as time span to regaining use.

Call for Your Initial Inspection Today - the clock is ticking


Time is not on your side when you have a water-damaged hardwood floor. Fast response to get the excess moisture out of the boards is crucial to success in recovery. If left too long, the floor can exceed the restoration threshold - the point at which the wood will not regain its correct dimensions, causing tear-out and replacement to be the only remaining option. Waiting also increases the chance of mold growth that can be a much more expensive and lengthy restoration.

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